Monday, August 29, 2011

Irishenanigans 2011

It was another FUN night of twisting at ND's Irishenanigans. It started at 10pm and finished up at 1am. The students are GREAT ! They had unique ideas and really appreciated the "ART" that went into each sculpture. Looking forward to starting Football season and twisting at Irish Green before each home game.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Chicago Tjam 2011

My brother and I attended a workshop put on by one of the balloon industry's supplier called Tjam on the road. They have different instructors at different cities across the US and this one was in Chicago. At the end of the day they had two contest. One called "Through the Door" which was any sculpture that you could get through the door and the other was the "Seven Minute Contest" ... that was whatever you could make in 7 minutes. My dragon won First place for the "Through the Door Contest" and I made a very large spike hat which won me the "Seven Minute Contest" Woo Hoo ! I don't have a picture of my hat, but was told that it will appear on T Myer's website soon. I've also included a few of photos of the sculptures that we learn how to make.

Monday, August 1, 2011

July a day late

Wow!!! It has been a busy month. A new Library Program for the Milford Library, a Wedding Reception, Summer picnics, Birthday Parties, Bristol Homecoming, and the Enshrinement Festival ... I had GREAT FUN this month with all my friends.

This month's photos are from a Birthday Party that I couldn't attend ... it was on a Sunday (and I don't work on Sundays). So I created a Mario & Luigi for each birthday guest and dropped them off on the way to church for a co-workers son's party.

August is filling up as well with ND's Opening Mass Picnic and their late night student activity "IRISHenanigans" 10pm-1am. Hopefully I will be back with other twisters working the Irish Green area before each home game.
See you around !