Monday, February 22, 2010

A Spiderman weekend

Wow ! Time flies when you're having FUN ! I missed a couple of deadlines with everything going on. But I now have a Great new ... well new to me ... 99 Jeep Wrangler to get to all my balloon gigs. I put it to good use this weekend with a Balloon gig at Bethel College and a Birthday party in Elkhart. I made the small Spiderman (bottom photo) for Braxdon who celebrated his 4th Birthday and loves Spiderman. I made his Friday evening and then during a couple of slow times, at my Bethel gig, I started the Large Spidy. I finished up that one Saturday evening. I will try and keep to my once a week post.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twister's Meeting

The first Thursday of the month the Michiana balloon Twister's hold a get together and we pick a theme to work on. With this being February we did do a few Valentine creations. I was helping another twister with a frog design and someone said "aren't we working on Valentine balloons?". So I added a heart to my frog and said "there you go!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

17 Pink Caddies

So Saturday morning as I was twisting the Pink Caddies, Betty says do I want to take a photo of them to post as I missed Thursday's post ! What ???? I missed my deadline ? Crud ! That means 2 post this week. Here is the shot of the ... well almost all of them ... I had to finish up 4 more larger Caddies for a total of 12 small and 5 larger ones. They were a hit at the fund raiser and they even raffled them off during the program. My fingers were a bit sore since I had a school fun fair gig Friday evening that ran an hour and a half over. 5:30-9:00 then we had supper and I started twisting at 11:00pm and stopped at 2:00am. Woke up before my alarm went off and got back to twisting at 7:30am finished up at 9:30, showered, dressed and headed off to pick up my Grandson Kaden to go to roller skating lessons. He did great !

We have our Michiana Balloon Twister's meeting this Thursday at the Mishawaka's downtown Library starting at 6:30 and running until 8:45. I will take some pics and get them posted.