Monday, October 25, 2010

Look A Like

Oct 16th after I twisted at Irish Green, my niece Karol was performing at the Eddy street block party. She sings with the band King Pao and does a fantastic job. I had let her know I was twisting just across the street and she asked that I bring her something. I had been wanting a chance to make a design called a lootle that I learned at a balloon workshop in Chicago. Here is the results.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ND Late Night Gig

I do 2 late night events at Notre Dame and I think they are some of my favorite gigs. The students are creative in their requests and really appreciate my twisting skills. These photos are from the event called Carnival End Zone that starts at 10:00pm and runs until 2:00am.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Balloon Jam

We had our monthly meeting of the Michiana Balloon Twisters last night. Megan my Granddaughter, Chris my Son In Law, Michael a ND student, and I arrived at 6:30 to start the twisting fun! Of course with it being October we started with a Jack-O-Lantern and then some Ghosties. All 3 of the new twisters were jumping right in and making GREAT balloons!

I found my Perry the Platypus T-shirt at JC Pennys and thought it would be fun to try and make him out of ... Balloons of course !

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cats ! Sorry Sweetie

In all my years of twisting I have never been happy with any of the cat designs I've learned or created ... til now. A fellow twister had a DVD by Jack and on it he had this simple cat design. When learning and simplifying a design I usually make a few to lock it into my memory and here is the herd of cats that managed to survive.

My new apprentice balloon artist "Twister Megan" is doing great with 2 balloon gigs under her belt. I've managed to infect two more people with Latex Addiction, so stay tuned but BEWARE there is no cure for it ! Muaahahahaha