Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Passing On The Art

Last Friday and Saturday we had our grand kids sleeping over. Both Betty and I took Friday off and the kids arrived at our house around 10:30am. A short while after they settled in Mattey and Kaden asked if they could try twisting some balloons ... I think Meg was in on the computer. So I taught them a 3 twist dog with a leash and a flower. Both of them did really well, so I think I might have some helpers for future gigs !

Easter weekend we headed over to Doc and Jan's house and Betty asked if I would make an Easter Bouquet for them. Here is the finished arrangement.

This Friday our twister's group (Michiana Balloon Twisters) is volunteering for Notre Dame's Relay For Life Walk. We will be twisting for the walkers 6-8 on the second floor concourse of the football stadium. It is usually a good time as it is pretty laid back and we get to socialize a bit as well as twist.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missed Last Week

I was attending the 2010 Spring Fling put on by the Clown Forum last week. I was there starting Wednesday afternoon and finished up late Saturday night. Dan asked me to teach a Balloon Twisting Class and to host the late night Balloon Jams. Soooooooo that is the reason I did not post last week ... Yep ... that is my story and I am sticking to it ! ;0)

At the Thursday late night Balloon Jam one of the twisters asked if anyone made a Taz balloon. I used to watch him every Saturday morning, so I tried my hand at making one. The photo is what I designed and he was very happy with it.

Tonight is our April Michiana Balloon Twisters meeting, so I should have some pics for a post tomorrow ! Got to make up for lost time. I love the beautiful weather we are having !!!!